Paddy’s Day is coming!

Hi everyone!

So… Saint Patrick’s Day is coming soon! It’s going to be my first Paddy’s Day ever, as I just moved to Ireland – and I can’t wait!

So what are your plans for this weekend?

I am actually quite confused because as I understand it, Paddy’s Day falls on a Monday this year. So I am wondering if people are actually going to celebrate and party like crazy on Monday night, then go to work on Tuesday?
Some people tell me that they will party during the weekend and just go to the parade on Monday during the day..but those people are my friends and they are not Irish, so I’m not really interested in their views on the matter 🙂

Anyway, here is a cool image that will help you deal with the hangover on the next day (so basically any day of the weekend including Tuesday!)

Source is Amy Atlas’s blog here:  

Enjoy your Paddy’s Day weekend ! 


St. Patrick's Day
St Patrick’s Day Hangover Tips


I am almost absolutely sure that my next post will be something about Dublin and the fact that it’s the BEST city ever. But for now I will just post this picture until I find inspiration.. Enjoy!

Jim Larkin Statue, O'Connell Street, Dublin
Jim Larkin Statue, O’Connell Street, Dublin